[MANNAM humorous story] The Disobedient Frog – Korean Myth

There was once a very naughty little frog who lived in a big pond with his mother. Out of all the animals, this frog was by far the biggest trouble-maker, never listening to anyone, and always embarrassing his mum in front of the others.
 The little frog was stubborn and refused to obey his mothers requests, always choosing to do the exact opposite of whatever she told him. He never felt bad for the grief that he gave her and his poor mother was so worried about her son.
“Whatever shall become of my boy if he continues to be so disobedient?” she thought to herself. “What shall I do with him? How can I  do to straighten him out and help him break his awful habits?”
The mother frog felt greatly burdened by the fact that her son had no respect or kindness in his heart, while her little  son just laughed and teased his mother for all her worry and concerns.
“Don’t be ridiculous!”, he said, “I am perfectly fine, just the way I am now, mum.”
The mother replied: “Oh, is that so?…Then why is it that you cannot even croak properly?” she asked, knowing full well that he was still young and need someone to teach him. “You don’t even sound like a frog, my son. Here, let me teach you how it is done.” With a smile, she puffed herself up and let out a loud croak
“Kaegul Kaegul! Now you try…” she said.
The Little Frog smugly puffed himself up and with all his might let out a loud “Kulgae! Kulgae!”

As always he was doing exactly the opposite to what his mother asked of him.
“Why you little rascal, you listen to me… if you know what’s good for you you would…”
 “Kulgae! Kulgae!” croaked the little frog while he hopped away, completely ignoring his mothers reprimands.
Eventually, after years of worrying and stress from her disobedient son, the mother frog became very ill. The daily scolding and constant defiance from him was taking it’s toll, yet still, he continued to misbehave.
 One day she called him to her bedside. “My son,” she said, “I don’t think
 I will live much longer. When I die, please bury me next to the stream, not on the mountain”
She asked him to do this, knowing that he would undoubtably to the exact opposite of whatever she asked of him, just like he had all his life.
Only a few days after she asked him that one last favor, mother frog passed away. The little frog wept bitterly and was very upset that his mother was gone. He blamed himself for her illness, and knew that it was because he worried her so much with his disobedience that she became so sick. “Why didn’t I listen to her?” he scolded
 himself.”Now she’s gone, and it’s all my fault”.
The little frog thought about his mother and all the trouble he had caused her. Finally he decided that because he had always been so naughty, he was now truly sorry… he would honor his mother by listening to her one last wish.
“This time I will do exactly what she told me to do”, he thought to himself.
 So went and buried his mother next to the stream, even though he thought that it was not a very good idea.
A few weeks later there was a heavy storm, with plenty of rainfall and the little frog was concerned that his mothers grave would be washed away. The stream could easily overflow and that would mean that his mothers grave was not safe. He could not sleep, and decided to go to the streams banks to keep watch and make sure her grave was unharmed.
 In the pouring rain he sat, crying over and over again,
“Kaegul! Kaegul! Please don’t wash my mother away!”
Every single time it rained the little frog went and kept watch, and since then all  green frogs have cried,
“Kaegul! Kaegul!” when it rains.

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  1. I learned an lesson from this fairy tale.
    It was very interested and a little sad.