MANNAM Internationl: MANNAM Korean Class cultural experience!

Today, the day of “cultural experience"
in MANNAM’s Korean class!!

I always thought how to introduce Korea to foreigners who love Korea.
Finally I grabed a chance through “Dongrae Eupseong historical festival”!

The weather was good! :)
10:30A.M. We met at Dongrae station, took taxies and started to go to
Dongrae Eupseong for field experience!

We got a fancy hat at the entrance and took the group photo
in front of the tiger and cow, then our tour began.
Elizabeth contiuously took pictures for getting interesting views.

Next, we saw traditional tightrope performance!
Professional woman ran and sat on the high rope.
I was afraid that she fell down from the rope when she jumped,
but it was perfect and fantastic performance!

Everyone cried, “Amazing"

Second course was traditional Hanbok experience! (it is very popular)
My foreigner friends was like korean when they put on bright and colorful Hanbok

Next of the Hanbok experience center , there was prison experience center

We picked up sword and spear,
was beaten a stick,
leg-screw punishment,
and experienced prison

It was unique experience.

Meanwhile, in the grand hall, Sand art was progressed, so we moved in quickly
Time was already 2:00 P.M, after we saw the beautiful sand painting.

Finally we headed to the food marketplace and ate many Korea food : chicken skewers, acorn, Korea pancake, beef soup, dumplings, sweet rice drink, dongdongju, tteokbokyi, suyuk, etc.

Our short but special experience ended
MANNAM Korean class students said “Thanks for helping us to experience Korea.
We were happy to help them, and also we got special memories.
I wish I could beautiful memories for Korea again through MANNAM Volunteer Association.

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