[Mannam Korean Class] The third korean class

The third korean class starts in September 7th.

We help you to learn how to speak Korean from your very first steps all the way  to being able to speaking Korean fluently.

Languages take a lot portion  of your life. Because, language  is culture. In order to understand korean culture, it is the best way to learn Korean. We introduce  you to our culture.
Not only you can learn Korean, but also you can have chances to make good friends from all over the world.

There are  so many interesting things out in the class.
Why don't you come and join our korean class?
We hope to see you in class.

*Mannam Beginner Class
every sat 4:30~6:30pm
Gwang-An office
Teacher: Linda

*Mannam TOPIK Class
every sat 4:30~6:30pm
Teacher: Joy

**Here is one of our students' thought on Mannam Korean Class & Mannam

Recently I've been attending a Korean classes for beginners.
This class is organized by Mannam and I have the priviledge of working with some wonderful teachers and classmates.
These teachers volunteer their time and efforts to teaching people from all over the world how to speak Korean.
In this class we learn how to read Hangul and some basic conversation topics.
I learn so much every week! The people at Mannan are not ordinary people.
They are special because they love you before they even know you!
They give their all in whatever they do. They help foreigners feel at home in another country by spreading their message of world peace through their actions.

Mannam is a global organization that has brought joy to many lives in Korea.
They not only provide services for those in need but provide a sense of community for Koreans and foreigners living in Korea.
Living as a foreigner in Korea, I've found comfort here; Mannam makes one feel at home.
Over the past year I have been involved in a number of Mannam events.
Last winter I participated in a volunteer event making Kimchi for those unable to make it themselves. I really enjoyed this event as it gave me insight on Korea's main traditional food and how it is made.
I also attended a Korean Cultural experience where participants learned about traditional Korean pottery and were taught how to create their own bowls and dishes from clay!
It was an exciting experience I will never forget,
--Stephanie Hill, USA

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