[MANNAM Beginner Korean Class] when u order something to drink.

 When u order something to drink,

  • 커피있어요?
1.Do u have coffee?
2.Is there coffee?

answer : 네, 있어요
Yes, I have ㆍ
Yes, there isㆍ

              아니요. 죄송해요, 없어요
No, I'm sorry  ㆍ            
We don't have ㆍ
No, I'm sorry ㆍ
There isn'tㆍ

  • Word: something to drink

coffee :커피
sprite : 사이다
coke : 콜라
green tea : 녹차
citron tea : 유자차
milk : 우유
beer : 맥주
soju : 소주
lemon tea : 레몬차
cocoa : 코코아

  • Game for class
    share above the cards each person and hind their cards
teacher or partner ask ; ex)Do you have coffee?
ans;ex) If he /she has the card, yes i have. if he/she has no card, sorry i dont have


  • counter

개 ㆍ  명 ㆍ병 ㆍ권

개 when counting things,  you use 개(gae)
명 when counting people, you use 명(myeong)
병when counting bottle, you use 병(byeong)

권 when counting book, you use 권(kweon)
How many ~~do you have?
ans; ex)i have 
한 개(one~), 두 명(two people),  세 병(three bottles of ~), 네 권(four volumes of ~)
foreigner's question
Can we answer zero(0개)
When we have no something?
we don't usually
0개있어요 ; I have zero gae
we answr ;없어요 ; No, I have

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