[MIYC] International Youth Walk for World Peace & Restoration in seoul, May 25th 2013

International Youth Walk for World Peace & Restoration in seoul, May 25th 2013.

I hope all the people no exception all desire world peace. On May 25th in Seoul thousands of people attended the world peace walk really desiring peace. Also our Busan Mannam volunteer association, more than 100 people attended the event. Departing at 4:00AM we arrived at Seoul near 10:00. We had a chance to look around the most famous place 경복 palace, experiencing many amazing things such as how the people lived and what kind of sports they enjoyed comparing today. After the tour to 경복 palace we had lunch together having korean traditional food. All of us personally had korean traditional 10 coins and we bought the food with the coins. Everyone enjoyed and loved the korean food and it was a good time to us feeling up our energy and to prepare for the big world peace walk event.

Finally, it was time for the World Peace Walk. All of the people being excited to prepare for the walk, all of us were waiting for the peace speech. Many people really desired and waited for world peace, but no one could really achieve it. However by this world peace walk, we are 100% sure it is able to achieve it. Because the peace honor chairman Man Hee Lee has the ingredients to achieve peace. His wish is to achieve peace by helping MIYC mentioning all the world people.
All of the people respond, hearing the speech was impressed in our mind. And after the speech we had a 1.5KM peace walk seeing many performances showing each countries culture dance desiring all of us can be one. Though it was really hot and a hard time to endure the whole event, it was really a meaningful time to all of us. Coming back to Busan, many people said we couldn't forget this event and hope world peace comes as soon as possible. I hope all the people knows and realize world peace is possible and hope it will come soon.


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