[MANNAM Internationl] We had opened MANNAM Protluck Party

Last weekend we had opened protluck party after we moved to our new MANNAM office.
Many MANNAM Volunteer members attended this party.
We were able to try many other countries traditional food through this potluck party.
As enjoying the party, we talked about our country and how foreigners are doing in Korea and the most thing I enjoyed was eating each traditional foods.
One of our members 'Kevin' wrote his feelings that day.

     My name is Kevin and I’ve been a member of MANNAM International since March of this year.  I was looking for a volunteer group that was involved with the local communities around Busan.  After a Google search and a link from KoreaBridge, I found MANNAM and, ever since my first activity with the organization, I’ve made friends with a great group of individuals who all share, despite their various ages, ethnic and educational backgrounds, the same spirit of love and generosity. 

     It was really nice to see the new and familiar faces when I attended the opening party of MANNAM’s Gwangan office this past August 10.  Like all of their volunteer activities, this housewarming/potluck “meet, greet and eat” event was organized yet relaxed.  I met up with Tae-kyu, who showed me the way to MANNAM’s building.  It was only more smiles and hellos when I arrived.  I played catch-up with a few members and had fun chatting with people I had not met before, while enjoying a glass of homemade blue lemonade and a plate of Filipino-style noodles, BBQ beef, crepes and an assortment of table appetizers.  The Korean members of MANNAM did an excellent job in catering to everyone invited.  Some members served the drinks while other members prepared the food and snacks. 

About half an hour into the evening, Ben introduced the group, its mission and members who are in charge of specific activities within the organization.  After introductions, the eating and chatting re-commenced.  I floated around, chatting with guests and members before settling in with the photography group for the rest of the evening. 

     Before the short night was over, we had the obligatory group picture, then cleanup.  Even though everyone was a bit tired, the teamwork didn’t stop as the Korean members along with a handful of the foreign members helped each other rearrange the main hall.  Even though MANNAM has become a bit bigger now, there’s plenty of room for growth.  I look forward to seeing what the group has planned in the future for its members and at its new office space.

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