[MANNAM Korean Culture] Korean Street Food

Korean Street Food

 Compared to other developed countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other Asian countries, Korean street food is more widely exposed. Street food is a spin-off of a snack corner that has been franchised to sell snacks such as rice cake stir fried in spicy sauce (tteokbokki), deep fried fritters (tempura), fish cakes (oden), and Korean sausage (sundae).

Pojangmacha The pojangmacha (street vendor) is one of the best places to grab a quick snack or pass the night away drinking with friends. The types of food they serve can usually be eaten quickly while standing up (although someplaces have cheap chairs or benches) or take with you. They have many types of food on sticks or "finger foods." Other specialize in seafood and are geared more towards people who want to sit and have some drinks as well. Smaller stands can be easily carried or rolled from place. Larger, more elaborate ones have plastic tarps to protect patrons from the rain and cold.

source: http://www.lifeinkorea.com/culture/streetfood/streetfood.cfm?xURL=main

I'd like to try it with MANNAM International members when they get a chance.
I think it is loved by foreigners who eat Korean street food.
Also, it can be cheap and simple.
How about having lunch at that Korean street food right after we finish Korean class?

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