[About MANNAM] Greeting

Message from the Chairwoman of MANNAM

MANNAM is a volunteer organization whose goal is succinctly defined in our motto, our rallying cry, our call to arms: When Light Meets Light there is Victory. Our mission is to bring all people of different nationalities, creeds and cultures together through volunteering and to learn and understand about each other: when good things come together, the result will be even greater – world peace.

We volunteer silently and without fanfare. We do our work behind the scenes. We do not work for accolades or self aggrandisement; our lights are hidden. Likewise, all this is made possible through the anonymous yet wonderfully generous contributions of those many individuals who support our organization, some 100,000 across the world as of start of 2013.

Korea has long been known as the country of courteous people in the East and the 'land that does not forget kindness'. Our aim is to spread our vision and the goodness in this culture across borders. We want to bring the light of love across the globe and from this will come cries of "Victory!"

Wherever there is a place that requires love and sacrifice, our desire is to be there, wherever it may be. These are the principles instilled into our organization by our Honorary Chairman, Mr. Lee.  We hope you will be our steadfast companions on the journey yet to be traveled.

 Thank you.

Message from the Honorary Chairman of MANNAM

Greetings to our international family! Between us there truly are no boundaries, we are all one family, and I wish for each of you a life filled with happiness and prosperity. MANNAM continues to flourish because of the support of our members. Due to the light our members bring to it, MANNAM is fast becoming a light strong enough to illuminate the world. When I see how people from all over the world have come together to create such an inspiring community, regardless of culture and language, I become filled with hope and hold strong faith in mankind. Let us learn to pursue our own. I wish the richest of blessing on you, your familes and your nations. As representatives of your nations, you are exceptional and invaluable people who hold a very dear place in MANNAM.

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