MANNAM Korean Class Activity to Beom-eo-sa(temple) [범어사]

The Mannam Korean class outdoor activity to 범어사 was really a perfect day. Starting with the beautiful weather, all of the class teacher, manager and the students could enjoy the view.

 And the most unique experience I felt was we could be one. As the Mannam slogan is "when light meets light there is victory" I could feel the slogan was applying to all of us. As finishing our lunch we washed our dishes personally which was a good experience and by the 범어사 guide's explanation we could understand how 범어사 was established and what kind of tradition it had.


Taking a picture all together the 범어사 adventure ended and it was a meaningful day to me. I hope not only me but also all the people enjoyed the outdoor activity. I hope there will be a more meaningful outdoor activity next time.

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