Korean Class Curriculum

Being in a different country and not knowing how to communicate with anyone can be a frustrating and exhausting experience. It is a great relief to finally find a person that understands you. Someone you can communicate with beyond hand gestures.

Mannam Korean Language Classes were designed to help alleviate this common barrier. Our instructors know this frustration from first-hand experience. They also know the gratitude they felt from those that offered their assistance. Their goal is to provide you with this same service.

Whether your stay in Korea will be 8 weeks or has been 8 years, come join our classes to learn the basics and refine your abilities. Our classes will provide you with a fun atmosphere to learn our language and introduce you to our culture. We hope to see you in class!

There is Korean Class in MANNAM Busan South.
When you need learning Korean, come and join with us. It's fun and good to you.
Also, It's FREE! but, our teachers are very nice!
We have six classes; Beginners, Basic1.2 , Intermediate, Reading&Speaking
Textbook is '서강 한국어' ; Self-pay for the expense for the textbook.

    Beginners(1A)            Basic1(1B)             Basic 2(2B)        Intermediate(3A)          R&S

We have assistant teachers so, they will be there for you when you need extra help.
If you are interested in our "Be a Master in Korean" class, please contact:
Joy, Hwang #010-4551-7331

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