MANNAM Korean 1A(Beginner) Class 5.18. 2013

we learned about combined vowels (얘, 예, 위, 와, 워) and  doubled consonants (ㄲ,ㄸ,ㅃ,ㅆ,ㅉ).
these are a little  tricky sounds  for foreigners to pronounce.
But Elan & Joanna made themselves  free and easy.

As they studied 한글(korean alphabet) steadily.
After finishing 1st class we had several games  to make vocabularies enhance.
let me introduce one of them.

1. students should  circle words what the teacher say.

2. these vocabs don't have right spellings. Student have to change words into correct spellings.

3. The winner will be a person who corrects words as many as possible.

A winner was Elan.
The goddess of Fortune smiled at him this time.
A prize was 연양갱 which  is a red-bean jelly.
It tasted sweet.


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