MANNAM International Youth Coalition

[About us]
MANNAM International Youth Coalition was formed from groups of young people coming together with the vision and determination to unite people across borders, cultures, languages and races. We aim to foster a spirit of appreciation and respect for the diversity of humanity, as well as for all individuals that create that diversity.

Organizations affiliated to MIYC will engage in collaborative projects throughout the year, meeting once or twice annually to participate in youth summits aimed at developing practical and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing us in the pursuit of peace. Everyone wants peace, so why has it not yet been attained? This is the kind of topic MIYC will address. We recognize that it is only with all of our seemingly small efforts combined that we can begin to see big results.

MANNAM means meeting or encounter. It is our goal to become a platform were all youth will be able to meet and encounter one another in a meaningful way through MIYC, and go on to make a great difference in the lives of people we meet in turn.

[Mission Statement]

The purpose of MIYC is to unite major youth associations around the world in support of the development of their communities and in motivating their nation to actively pursue peace.

[Vision Statement]

MIYC aims to unite the youth of every nation, and pave the way to a peaceful future for our world. We strive to do this while respecting the beautiful diversity of humanity and restoring faith in mankind. Through a peaceful co-existence we can repay those who have shed their blood in order for us to have what we do today, and mend the wounds of our past, by celebrating life.

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  1. Every youth!
    Plz come and try to know about MIYC!
    If you want world peace without war, let's join in this coalition to achieve world peace! :D